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PART 1, Unedited School Board Meeting Aug 9, 2021 Mask Mandates Footage

By popular demand, Eastern Sierra NOW has been asked to post the entire video of the infamous Mask Mandate, BUSD School Board meeting on August 9th. We are working on putting together the unedited footage for you to see. Our camera battery ran out towards the end due to the unforeseen, extreme length of the meeting. If anyone has video from the ending of the event, we would love to get that from you and make sure we can add that to the overall showing of this video in its unedited entirety.

Here is Part 1, featuring School Superintendent, Katie Kolker and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Coleen McEvoy.

As soon as McEvoy starts to speak she is interrupted by the audience and even though they are hushed by the board and McEvoy asks them to politely “let her finish her turn”, the enraged parents and community members cease to do so.

Hang on Mr.Toad, it gets a bit bumpy from here….

There are links to the other videos in the video notes on Part 1

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