Imagine that every time a tourist driving down 395 on their way to ski in Mammoth Lakes, or a local family decides to go out and eat for the evening, they see your business advertisement first.

Well that is the idea of the Eastern Sierra NOW app and hub!

As the hub and app are being built, so is our viewership! Eastern Sierra Now is the fastest growing news, information and entertainment source in the area. With 20 thousand views on YouTube in just 4 months of launching. With over 114,000 views on Instagram in the last 90 days, 1400 followers and over 22,000 views on our website a month… that is no exaggeration! The Eastern Sierra has spoken and we are here to answer the call.

We aim to provide the very best news and entertainment source in this area, by a wide margin. With an emphasis on the latest and upcoming technology,  Eastern Sierra Now, will be in the hand of every tourist and local from San Diego to Reno. How can we be so sure?

Well, the idea of Eastern Sierra Now, is community and inclusion. Not only by being the first and the best to news events you care about and delivering them to you in a professional and efficient way. But also, Eastern Sierra Now is a curator of all the news sources in the area.  So instead of competition, we favor inclusion. That way, everyone’s products will be seen in one location, driving viewers to each and every participating website producing content in the Eastern Sierra. Every source will increase their views and ad clicks, making them and their advertisers happy.

We aim to be the first stop for anything and everything people need when they are utilizing our area, The beautiful Eastern Sierra! A middle man if you will. Fishing reports, ski reports, restaurant menus and reviews, weather, sports, movie reviews, up to the minute news coverage from all your favorite sources, local entertainment and events. You name it…

Eastern Sierra NOW, is the first stop along HWY 395!