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Mono County Accessory Dwelling Units Available NOW and Customer Service Trainings

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) – Now Available!

Mono County provides construction document resources known as “prescriptive designs”. A prescriptive design is defined as “specific detailing requirements and similar pre-defined design options and rules used to create a code-compliant design. To the professional familiar with the process and standards, prescriptive design approaches are relatively fast to use without performing significant job-specific calculations”.

For a submittal using these plans, we require the applicant produce a site plan for the designs. The site plan must be reasonably detailed to accurately show all items listed on the Plan Submittal Checklist (found in the Mono County Building Permit Application).  The applicant will need to identify on the plans which option they want to use.  An applicant can digitally mark up the plan to indicate the deck option, and submit that with the other required submittal documents, or drop off a hard copy submittal.

Full details and plan options located at,create%20a%20code%2Dcompliant%20design


Customer Service Trainings – Open to All Mono County Residents and Businesses

The Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Trainings are back! This year’s trainings will feature three different sessions – all with the goal of learning the tools needed to provide excellent customer service.

This November, our Power Lunch will be held as the 2022 Customer Service Training Manager Luncheon. Managers and owners are invited to learn the specifics and benefits of putting your employees first from renowned Customer Service Speaker and teacher, Donna Cutting. This luncheon will take place on November 15th from 12pm-2pm.

As a part of the 2022 Frontline Customer Service Workshops, your employees will be learning all about the celebrity experience of customer service. In this two-hour workshop, frontline service members will learn the details and the importance of rolling out the red carpet to deliver exceptional customer service to every person that walks into your business AND those inside the business (colleagues, supervisors, owners). Led by renowned customer service speaker Donna Cutting, your employees will be equipped to handle a plethora of customer service interactions in no time.

Manager/Owner Power Lunch
Putting Employees First
Tuesday, November 15
Click here for details

Frontline Workshop
Rolling Out the Red Carpet
Tuesday, November 15, 4pm-6pm
Wednesday, November 16, 9am-11am

(From Mono County)

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