Town Hall Recap: The Pacific Justice Institute and Brad Dacus

Ella Boehme


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Letter to the Community: Freedom of the Press? • Eastern Sierra Now
3 months ago

[…] Eastern Sierra NOW wrote 2 articles on the meeting, and those can be found here and here. […]

Heather Edwall
Heather Edwall
4 months ago

I’m curious as to why I originally pulled up a shorter January 15 version of this recap on my phone, but when looking for the same thing on my laptop I got this instead? Ella Boehme (the author of the 1/15 article) should be commended for her concise, objective and accurate account of the event! This one… Has a much more negative bias to it. 🙁

For what my opinion is worth:
The positives of the meeting were that Josh Nicholson encouraged regular folks to get active and involved in local politics. I think that’s a great message! Joe Vetter encouraged people to support law enforcement and gave examples of how he has legally “protected” people who called him asking for help Re: covid issues, even though he and other law enforcers can’t enforce “mandates”. Hmm, also a great message! Finally, although he and I are still light years apart on probably most of our social views, Mr. Dacus encouraged people to utilize available and legal ways to maintain autonomy over their major medical decisions. I support people being able to choose how they treat their own bodies, so again, good message.

I especially appreciated that Mr. Dacus gave examples of his own personal losses due to both covid AND the injections – he did this to illustrate that there is no “right side” and “wrong side”; we are all dealing with some very complicated issues these days and some level of risk exists either way. I felt that this spoke to the divisiveness going on in our community and much to my surprise I was able to interpret it as a powerful statement from Mr. Dacus that we all should respect others even if their points of view are different.

My criticisms for the meeting would be that yes, it probably should have been available via Zoom for those who did not want to risk infection by attending in person. Hopefully Free Eastside will make their recording available after the fact on YouTube. People have also been upset that a secular “Town Hall” would be held in a church. Yes, as an atheist-ish prayer isn’t my favorite thing to sit through, but it didn’t actually hurt me in any way and there were enough chairs for the over 200 people in attendance, so to me it wasn’t THAT big a deal. Where else would they have been able to accommodate a crowd of that size?

Final Answer: Let’s not get carried away, I’m not about to donate any money to the PJI due to their stance on some of the previous cases they have handled. But I also didn’t hear anyone disparaged at this meeting, nobody’s behavior got out of line, and heck, I actually did accomplish my original goal of learning some new things while I was there. So overall I have to say, for a free event that really could have turned into a debacle, well done Free Eastside!

Charles James
Charles James
4 months ago

Good job, Jesse. Links to additional information and other articles are welcomed. It would have, as you stated, been nice to have actual audio or video of the event. It was promoted as a public meeting.