Meet the Cast of Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre’s “Plaza Suite”

Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre
Neil Simon’s Classic PLAZA SUITE
Feb. 9 – 19


PLAZA SUITE Opens in 1 week

Meet the Cast!

Hilarity abounds in this portrait of three couples successively occupying a suite at the Plaza Hotel in NYC!

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Change for Sunday Feb. 12 show-
2pm matinee on Super Bowl Sunday!


Karen Nash Played by Cleland Hoff

A forty-eight or is it forty-nine year old housewife who reserves the same suite for her honeymoon at the Plaza Hotel on 23rd or was it 24th anniversary….. (It is their Anniversary, she thinks.)


Sam Nash Played by Clay Tyson

Fifty-years old and tortured by trying to maintain his weight while going to business lunches at the Villa Capri where he has to watch people slop down a bowl of spaghetti while he munches down a hearts of lettuce salad.


The Bellhop Played by Ronnell Hill

A hard-working man that won’t be working hard at the Plaza Hotel in five years. He is eager to please and will visit as long as he needs to get his tip.


Jean Baptiste Played by Leslie Rubiner

Jean is a sexy French secretary that no longer eats dinner. She eats a big breakfast, a moderate lunch, and a snack before going to bed. She has had to work late so often that she had to adjust her eating routine.


Jesse Kiplinger Played by Brian Stanton

Confidence is not the problem for the forty-year old Hollywood producer who has one purpose in seeing his old flame Muriel.


Anne Brashier as Muriel Tate

A very nervous suburban housewife who loves vodka stingers and decides to visit an old flame who is now a famous producer and she can’t seem to make a decision to stay or go and has never heard of the designer Gucci.


Roy Hubley Played by Kevin Worden

Is paying for two hundred dollars worth of cocktail frankfurters in a rented suit for his daughter’s wedding.


Norma Hubley Played by Juliana Olinka Jones

She knew she should have invited her husband’s cousin Lillie. That is why her daughter won’t come out of the bathroom. Right????


Mimsey Hubley Played by Madeline Roy

A nervous bride, afraid of having her marriage turn out like her parents’ marriage.


Borden Eisler Played by Zach Childers

The young confident groom, a man of few words. (Literally)


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(From Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre)

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