Local Man hurt in Accident in Independence Update and GoFundMe

Pic 3On January 25, 2022 Tim was driving home from work when he was in a terrible accident. As a result he has many severe injuries including a broken pelvis, several fractures in his back, and internal bleeding.
Tim is a Captain of the Independence fire department as a fire fighter he has helped fight many forest fires, supported with many local accidents, andsafe image medical emergencies. He is a contractor and has helped many families in our local communities with their construction needs from rebuilding roofs to constructing homes. He often would spend his weekends helping neighbors and community members by helping them fix up their own homes.
We are asking family, friends, neighbors and community members to support this local family with medical expenses as Tim begins his road to recovery.

Thank you everyone for all the prayers and support. Tim and the family feel very blessed to have such a strong support system and to be a part of such a strong community.

Today by Jenny Young, Organizer
“Tim had his first surgery yesterday. They put his hip/pelvis back together. He’s doing great! Says he already feels better.
Next on the list is back surgery! He has 8 broken ribs and that is his chief complaint. (Understandably)
He’s in good spirits and he and Jackie are overwhelmed with the love and support everyone has been showing them!
The family as a whole wanted to reach out and thank every one of you from the bottom of our hearts, whether you shared the page, donated, or just  sent positive vibes, we greatly appreciate it!!!”

To Help Tim Click Here
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