Fire Sparks up in Big Pine South of Tinemaha Reservoir


Tinemaha fire

Today at 12:24 Pm a brush fire was reported to the Inyo Sherriff.

The 25 acre fire lit up just south of the Tinemaha Reservoir along the Owens River. Just like it is fire season or something and they were already prepared, the Sherriffs department, Big Pine, Bishop, and Independence volunteers, as well as Cal Fire, DWP and The Inyo National Forest all sprang into action and had the fire out by 4pm.

6 air attack vehicles were in use, 4 fixed wing and 2 helicopters. The helicopters are still on site at the time of this article, dumping water from the near by reservoir, to ensure the fire is out and stays that way. A ground crew will stay on site for a few days to make sure the fire does not spark back up, or “Mop Up” as it’s called.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. No structures were damaged and no injuries reported.

Thank you to all our firefighters and first responders and the hard work you do to keep us all safe!



Tinemaha fireCal fire helicopterCal fire helicopter waterCal Fire Truck

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