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Bronco Soccer Brings Home the Win in Kern Valley

goal fiery soccer ball breaking 2182106Yesterday 01/18/2022, the Bishop Broncos traveled to Kern Valley to play the Broncs. The Broncos brought home another win. Broncos 9 – Broncs 2.
The Broncos next game will be on Thursday, January 20th at home against the Frazier Mountain Falcons @ 3pm @ 5pm.
Here are some stats from last night’s game.
#11 Santana 4 goals, 3assist, 1 yellow
#3 Del Giudice 1 goal, 1 assist
#12 Pritchard 1 goal
#20 Gonzalez 1 goal
#13 Santana Muro 1 goal
#22 Solorio 1 goal
#8 Solorio 1 yellow
Thank you,
Assistant Coach Dom
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