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Spotlight On: Sierra Snow

Spotlight On:
Sierra Snow

As part of our ongoing series, we are interviewing people of interest in the area who are having a positive impact on our community.

This time, we reached out to Larry and Jane Pace of Sierra Snow!

sierra snow
Photo courtesy of Sierra Snow

What inspired you to start Sierra Snow, and can you tell us a little bit about your business?

We are Larry and Jane Pace and we live in Bishop California and have deep roots in the community. We were inspired to start Sierra Snow by a shared passion for culinary innovation and a desire to bring something unique and exciting to our hometown. 

Jane, having grown up in Bishop, and being intimately familiar with the local food scene thanks to her parents’ ownership of the renowned Pyrenees Deli on Main Street, had always considered Bishop home. With her lifelong involvement in and around the food industry, both of us have recognized the opportunity to introduce Hawaiian Shave Ice to our town, enriching the local food scene with a delightful and unique treat.

Sierra Snow prides itself on offering authentic, high-quality shave ice with innovative twists, such as adding ice cream at the bottom and topping it off with a Snow Cap, Li Hing Mui powder or Caramel Sauce.

What types of flavors do you offer and how do you source your ingredients, especially the flavors?

Our venture, branded as Sierra Snow, aims to offer authentic high-quality shave ice with a twist. We’ve gone the extra mile by meticulously sourcing all-natural syrups from a high-quality source from California, ensuring that our offerings are free from artificial flavors or colors. This dedication to quality and authenticity underscores our commitment to providing patrons with an unparalleled taste experience. Sierra Snow offers a variety of flavors for shave ice. While specific flavors may vary, patrons can expect a range of classic options like fruit flavors (e.g., strawberry, pineapple, mango) as well as more unique and exotic choices (e.g., lavender, chocolate, coffee) to tantalize their taste buds.

sierra snow
Photo courtesy of Sierra Snow
sierra snow
Photo courtesy of Sierra Snow

Can you describe the process of making the perfect snow cone?

Let’s be clear, it’s NOT a “Snow Cone” Crafting the perfect Shave Ice at Sierra Snow involves precision and care. The process begins with spinning an ice block over a razor sharp blade which produces a finely shaved ice, this process creates a luxurious texture that surpasses traditional snow cones. Then, the all-natural syrups are expertly infused into the ice, ensuring each bite is bursting with flavor.

How has the community responded to your business?

The community response to Sierra Snow has been overwhelmingly positive. Locals and visitors alike have embraced our culinary venture, appreciating the authenticity, quality, and innovation we bring to the shave ice experience. Sierra Snow has become a beloved destination in Bishop, attracting patrons from near and far who seek out the delightful treats offered. We are passionate about giving back to their community. In April, Sierra Snow had two fundraisers giving a portion of the proceeds to the Bishop Home Street AVID class and the Bishop Little League.

Which areas do you typically service, and do you have any locations or events on your calendar right now?

Sierra Snow operates primarily in Bishop, California, but also strategically services events and high-traffic areas in the surrounding areas. Our custom food trailer allows us to bring our culinary delights to various locations, ensuring accessibility for our patrons. While specific locations and events may vary, Sierra Snow can often be found at local festivals, community gatherings, and other special events throughout the seasons, offering signature shave ice along with flavored lemonades, ice cream, and other seasonal treats like hot spiced organic apple cider, from the local organic farm, Apple Hill Ranch, in the fall.

We are scheduled to be at several events in May and June including Chili Cars and Cervezas, Monster Trucks, Rambling Peaks Festival, and Eastern Sierra Pride Festival, just to name a few. Patrons can stay updated on Sierra Snow’s whereabouts by checking our calendar of events or following us on social media. Instagram –  @sierrasnowbishop,  Facebook – Sierra Snow Shave Ice in Bishop Ca. and Yelp – Sierra Snow

By bringing Hawaiian Shave Ice to Bishop and infusing it with their own innovative flair, Larry and Jane have created Sierra Snow as a culinary destination that reflects their love for their community and their passion for creating memorable flavors.

sierra snow

A special thank you to Larry and Jane for answering our questions!

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