Thanksgiving Health Reminders from Coach Mclaughlin

Ashley Mclaughlin 1

Ashley Mclaughlin is a certified nutritionist and elite trainer from ISSA

We’re about to experience our true test. The final half of the month!

As we head into the second half, along with Thanksgiving dinners awaiting us, I want to remind you of a few things!

  • You don’t need to be perfect now to be successful long term. Change comes from what you do consistently, not occasionally.
  • When you’re feeling unmotivated to move your body, do it anyway – I promise! Give it 5 minutes and you won’t stop!
  • Lean into a community when you need it most. You’re not alone!

Watch for my burn before the bird workout to come out, and next week I will talk about how to stay on track during the holiday seasons.

-Coach McLaughlin, ISSA Elite Trainer

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Ashley Mclaughlin

Ashley is certified Elite Trainer from ISSA helping busy women get healthy and fit online and in person.

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