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Mono County Office of Emergency Management Urges Residents and Visitors to Prepare for Upcoming Storms

Even as we experience a break today, the Mono County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is urging residents and visitors to be READY Mono and prepare for another series of storms as the National Weather Service (NWS) predicts impressive snowfall and rain throughout the Eastern Sierra over the next week.


Flooding is a possibility, and sand is available at the following locations (bring a shovel):

✔️ June Lake Community Center

✔️ Lee Vining Airport

✔️ Chalfant Fire Station

✔️ Bridgeport Yard

✔️ Benton Road Shop

✔️ Mammoth Lakes Public Works

✔️ Walker Road Shop

✔️ Long Valley Fire Station


Local avalanche experts are growing more concerned with each storm that hits the Eastern Sierra.  Given the NWS recent report, residents and visitors are encouraged to take the following actions to prepare for possible avalanche conditions:

✔️ Prepare a “Go Bag”

  • Money: ATM and credit cards, checkbook(s), currency, safe deposit keys

  • Medical items: Medical and dental records, immunization cards, glasses and contacts, medications, prescriptions, first aid kit

  • Personal Belongings: Clothing, toys and games, pet items, cell phone, electronics chargers, toiletry kit

  • Food/Water

  • Documentation: Passport/Visa, marriage, birth, adoption and naturalization certificates, identification, driver’s license, auto insurance policies, registrations, and title (if applicable), school records, pet records,

✔️ Arrange Lodging

  • Identify and secure emergency lodging

✔️ Prepare Transportation

  • Fuel vehicles

  • Arrange to carpool

  • Identify and secure alternative transportation

  • Monitor Weather/Avalanche Conditions

(From Mono County Office of Emergency Management)

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