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Though Widely Contested, Kore Mining Begins Drilling as soon as Tues Nov. 16th in Long Valley.

USFS NoticeWork planned to begin on Long Valley Exploration Drilling Project

The Inyo National Forest announces that work on the Long Valley Exploration Drilling Project is expected to begin next week.

The forest has received notification from the project proponent, KORE Mining, Ltd of their intent to begin exploratory drilling as early as next Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

The public should expect that heavy equipment including a drill rig will be on the roads near Whitmore Hot Springs and Antelope Springs Roads.

The project is approved based upon the proposed Plan of Operations submitted by KORE Mining, Ltd that is for mineral exploration only. An application has not been submitted or proposed for mineral extraction (mining).

On October 21, several organizations filed a complaint in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California challenging the project. The case number is 2:21-cv-01955A.

Hot Creek Ranch

This topic has been widely contested. Multiple endangered species live in this area and will be disrupted. Another major complaint is the destruction and lack of accountability caused be strip mining by a foreign company, in our pristine environment. An environment we utilize for our way of life here in the Eastern Sierra.

Many believe The Forest Service is being negligent in their duties as protector and steward of the land, in allowing Kore mining to move forward with this project. One such person is, Hot Creek Ranch Manager, Kevin Petersen.

Eastern Sierra NOW will stay on top of this and have more from Kevin Peterson later this week.

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