Happy Healthy Knees Workshop: An Owner’s Manual For Your Knees

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Happy Healthy Knees Workshop:  An Owner’s Manual For Your Knees

A workshop with Rehabilitative Movement specialist Margy Verba

Saturday July 8th, 2023 – 10.30am – 3.15pm (includes a break for lunch)

Do you have knee pain that prevents you from doing the things you love? 

Are your knees pain free and you want to keep them that way? 

Do you want to understand how your knees work so you can optimize function, troubleshoot problems, and be an informed consumer of healthcare? Do you want to actively participate in your own healing process (NOTE: this in no way precludes working with a professional)? Knowledge really is power!!

People suffering from knee pain often face a catch-22: in order to improve knee function and reduce pain, it is necessary to increase strength and mobility; however, doing so can be painful. The foundation of all joint health is optimal biomechanics. Come learn a safe effective program to optimize the biomechanics impacting your knee joints (hint, think beyond the knee to include the surrounding structures: the foot, the hip, and even spinal mechanics).

In this workshop we will cover:

    1. Ideal” biomechanics of your knees and related structures — A conceptual and experiential approach: build a movement in your mind, build a movement in your body! I firmly believe the more you can actually visualize and experience your moving bones/joints/skeleton, the better you can optimize your joint mechanics. You will learn about your knee joint independently as well as in relationship to its primary movement teammates: feet, hips and spine.

    2. How to assess your own knees and related structures — Using the above understanding of “ideal” biomechanics, you will learn some assessments so you can begin to troubleshoot your own needs.

    3. Movement based solutions, AKA corrective exercises — A set of exercises addressing findings from the above self-assessments. The exercises are to be performed with intention — you will learn not just what to do, and how to do it, but also the “why” using the above understanding of your biomechanics. Visualizing your moving bones/joints/skeleton is integral to all the exercises I teach! I find this to be the most effective way to perform corrective exercises.

The price of the workshop includes props that you take home with you and access to a video library of joint biomechanics, self-assessments, and corrective exercises

About the instructor:

Rehabilitative Movement Specialist Margy Verba has been in practice for over 25 years. She has studied under a wide range of leading international educators, and her teaching is a unique blend of therapeutic movement modalities. She is an instructor for Anatomy in Motion, a joint-centric, gait-based approach to optimizing movement for pain alleviation, preventive maintenance, and performance improvement. She is an expert in optimal joint biomechanics, including the joints in your feet which are often neglected.


The focus of her practice is self-care through conceptual knowledge and corrective  exercises, empowering her students/clients to actively participate in their own healing/prevention/performance process and be informed consumers of healthcare.

“Margy  is an excellent  problem-solver  with a vast working knowledge of the body, movement, and anatomy. She knows how to look at dysfunction and pain from all angles and is able to create exercise  programs that will most benefit her students, She is a life-long learner  who constantly  hungers  for new  information and has a great understanding of the evidence and research .This  is exactly the type of instructor you need.”  Sarah Wagner, DPT, Rehab Services/Wellness Center Manager, Mendocino Coast District Hospital

Register below using our sliding scale payment structure.

Click HERE for more info about the sliding scale payment structure.

Register here: https://www.c5studios.org/happy-healthy-knees-workshop

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