Happy Healthy Feet Workshop: An Owner’s Manual for Your Feet

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Happy Healthy Feet Workshop: An Owner’s Manual for Your Feet

Do your feet ache? Do you suffer from chronic ankle instability or stiffness, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), bunions, flat feet, hammer toes, neuromas, Achilles tendinitis, or other foot ailments?

This workshop will sell out!

To reserve: https://www.c5studios.org/happy-healthy-feet-workshop

Each foot has 33 joints — a quarter of all your joints are in your feet!!! Do you think your feet were meant to move? Yet, the typical solutions offered for foot issues involve motion prevention and arch support. No other body region is treated this way. No one ever says when you sprain an ankle: “here, walk with crutches and wear a brace for the rest of your life.” Rather, we use crutches and braces as appropriate while rehabbing to restore strength, mobility, and function — i.e. we restore optimal biomechanics. Why are the feet treated so differently?

Re motion prevention as a strategy — Q: how does any joint or body region get stronger? A: MOVEMENT!!!

Re support as a strategy: “If you artificially support the body, the body stops supporting itself.” Andreo Spina

Think about it…our typical solutions for feet, simply result in weaker, less mobile feet! NOTE: Please do not interpret this as a call to run out and buy minimalist shoes with zero preparation.

In this workshop we will cover:
1. “Ideal” biomechanics and function of your feet and related structures — A conceptual and experiential approach: build a movement in your mind (conceptualize), build a movement in your body (experience)! Besides developing an understanding of the biomechanics of your feet, we will explore their role in gait (walking).

2. How to assess your own feet and related structures — Using the above understanding of “ideal” biomechanics and function, you will learn some assessments so you can begin to troubleshoot your own needs.

3. Movement based solutions, AKA corrective exercises — A set of exercises addressing findings from the above self-assessments.

Where: C5 Studios Community Arts Center, 210 S Warren Street, Bishop
When: time 8:30 am-12:30 pm, Sept. 23rd, 2023 (Please arrive 10-15 minutes early; bring snack as needed)
Price: $85 materials fee for exercise props (sliding scale available)
Price includes: props and access to a video library the corrective exercises taught in the workshop

Rehabilitative Movement Specialist Margy Verba has been in practice for over 25 years. She has studied under a wide range of leading international educators, and her teaching is a unique blend of therapeutic movement modalities. She is an instructor for Anatomy in Motion, a joint-centric, gait-based approach to optimizing movement for pain alleviation, preventive maintenance, and performance improvement. She is an expert in optimal joint biomechanics, including the joints in your feet which are often neglected. The focus of her practice is self-care through conceptual knowledge and corrective exercises, empowering her students/clients to actively participate in their own healing/prevention/performance process and be informed consumers of healthcare.

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