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Breaking News: School Lockdown in Bishop for Potential Threat

Update 12:10 PM:

From Chief Nate Derr: “For clarification ONLY high school students will be bussed to the fairgrounds. Also there are questions about threats to schools out of the area. We are working with law enforcement in those jurisdictions and have not validated threats to those jurisdictions at this time. Again we have not located an armed suspect at this time, however we are still considering this an active scene. No staff or students have been injured at this time.

Update 11:20 AM:

bishop school lockdown
Photo credit: Maurice Cooper
bishop school lockdown
Photo credit: Maurice Cooper

Update 10:00 AM:

From Chief Nate Derr, Bishop PD: “So this morning our dispatch received a 911 transfer call. There was a dispatch center out of the area that transferred the call from a 911 stating that there was a subject at the high school in a bathroom, armed, and stated his name and gave information. Units responded from Bishop PD, Inyo County Sheriff’s, Mono County Sheriff’s, and Mammoth Lakes Police Department, and California Highway Patrol. Our department contacted the school, the school immediately put everyone on lockdown. We began an initial hasty search of the building. We secured the outside of the building, we secured the students inside the building. We’ve completed half of our search of the building so far. Unable to locate. We have an investigative portion on the other side trying to locate information on this subject. As of this time we don’t have a whole lot of information on this subject. It doesn’t appear that he is actually a Bishop High student per the school records. However, we are still handling this like it is a true incident, and we are continuing to clear the area. As soon as we’re able to deem the school safe, we’re going to be escorting kids to school buses, and the school buses are going to be driving to the Tri-County Fairgrounds to reunite with parents. The school will also be putting this out on their app when the kids are ready to be picked up. Anyone that is a concerned parent or in the area, we’d prefer that they stay away from the school. I know it’s very hard, but right now they’re just going to cause more chaos and more confusion for us. If we could just stand by and wait for information, we’ll give them as much information as we can as things unfold. So as of now though, we have not found a shooter, it is not an active shooter, we do not have any children that have been injured at this time. No one has been injured at this time, children or staff.”

9:50 AM:

From Bishop Unified School District: “BUSD Families, Bishop PD has ordered BUHS to lockdown due to a potential threat. As a precaution, the BES, HSMS, KBS, and BUHS campuses will remain on lockdown until further notice. Please stand by and stay off all campuses to allow law enforcement to provide further information and ensure safety.”


From Bishop Elementary School: “We are on a precautionary lockdown due to a situation at the high school. It is protocol that we all lockdown to be on the safe side. Children/staff are safe and sound. We will keep you posted. Please do not come to the BES campus.”

As posted on Owens Valley Scanner News: Law enforcement units were reported driving north on Highway 395 towards Bishop, code 3. Law enforcement is on campus at BUHS. Students texting their families from campus have reported being locked in and safe with police officers telling them to barricade themselves in rooms, and others have described law enforcement moving through the school checking rooms.

Updates to follow.

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29 days ago

Thanks to first responders, BUHS and to ESN for covering this situation, the day before the 25th anniversary of Columbine.

Last edited 29 days ago by Wynne
1 month ago

Kudos the BishopPD and BUHS for their response.
And EasternSierraNow for covering it.
Kind of wild how difficult it was to get official info on this.

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