Fentanyl Awareness Grants Bill Moves to Senate Floor

SACRAMENTO – Legislation to create a new grant program that would help educate people about the dangers of the fentanyl overdose crisis was approved in the Senate Appropriations Committee Thursday, moving on to the Senate Floor.

AB 2365 would create six pilot projects within local government agencies (i.e. education, law enforcement, public health, etc.) to increase awareness and education about the dangers of fentanyl. Assemblyman Patterson has requested three million dollars in total to fund the six projects. The exact amount of each grant will be determined at a later date.

Over the last two years, Fresno County’s law enforcement, education and health leaders collaborated to fund billboard campaigns, run PSA’s at local movie theaters, radio ads, TikTok videos, and work collaboratively with mental health professionals sharing the very real dangers of fentanyl. AB 2365 was created in an effort to help organizations fund similar programs in various parts of the state.

These pilot projects can include, but are not limited to, awareness campaigns such as billboards and commercials, educating students and other young people as well as their parents, and offering additional mental health resources to survivors of fentanyl overdose before they leave the hospital.

(From the office of Assemblyman Jim Patterson)

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