Beyond the Beyond Quick Bits: The Crime Scene Bigfoot Video – Real or Fake?

Beyond the Beyond Quick Bits:
The Crime Scene Bigfoot Video – REAL OR FAKE?

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Image by Tanner Rush

In the age of AI, digital trickery, and deep fakery, it can be hard to discern what is truth and what is fiction. I see a dozen new “paranormal” videos a day, and many of them seem about as real as Kardashian backsides and Jenner lips, fast food menu photos, and real fruit flavoring.  

Gleaming F-16s chase silvery saucers into the sunset. A ghostly specter crosses the frame of an ancient hotel lobby. The humps of a serpent slip silently below the the waves of a dark Scottish loch. Sting knows what I mean.

A lot of it is just garbage, put forth by fraudulent fakers whose mothers neglected to give them enough attention as children. Or maybe these videos are being pumped out by deep state disinformation farms intent on further clouding the issue of what is actually going on. It really depends on the size of your aluminum headgear.  

But sometimes a video comes along that actually looks pretty good. I’m going to try and post these every so often as they come up, and leave it to you, dear reader, to separate the fact from the fiction. The wheat from the chaff. Reality from fantasy. Actual from imagined. The unicorn from the donkey. You get the point.

Take this very odd video supposedly taken at a police crime scene.

There isn’t any backstory to this one. All I know is that it appeared on TikTok one day in a puff of white smoke. But the way this thing tosses around trees is troubling. Well, at least for the trees. And what the hell happened at the crime scene to make it a crime scene? Was it a car crash? Shooting? A group of hunters torn violently apart, limb by limb? I have so many questions.

Or maybe it’s a just dude in a suit. A really tall and immensely powerful dude in a suit. It’s hard to get a good gauge on the size of those trees, but as someone who grew up in the middle of Nowheresville at the end of a dirt road… I can say those suckers actually look pretty big. So what is throwing them around like they’re Lincoln Logs?  

But, here’s the thing.  The footage is actually a fake.  It was produced by Sonny Vator, someone who has many fans, but also appears to be a fraudster who continually posts rather good looking Bigfoot videos on YouTube. I’m always skeptical of people who just always seem to be in the right place at the right time when it comes to paranormal activity.  And I have a real pet peeve for hoaxers like Sonny.  You can find his channel here:



I have to admit, he almost had me for a second.  What do you think?


Have you had a sighting?  Text 702-875-1848 or message @beyondthebeyond1 on Instagram.

Tanner Rush

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6 months ago

Throwing those logs around like a baseball bat. That takes serious strength.

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