Eastern Sierra Land Trust – Updates and Upcoming Events

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ESLT is celebrating our 21st anniversary with the announcement of another successful permanent land protection project: Centennial Point Ranch. The historic ranch, braided by streams and rivers, is nestled into the heart of Bridgeport Valley. As a working ranch, and as a wildlife habitat, the value of its conservation is tremendous. Of course, this agreement would not have been possible without the vision and dedication of our landowners, funders, you, and the ESLT team.

As we look back to where we started, we are also looking forward to where we are going. We will be holding several community sessions (online) this summer, to listen to where YOU think we should be going in the next 21 years. (See details below).

We are planning a “hybrid” Lands & Legacy in August, one with online events and workshops, small-group outings on the land, and of course… our Paddle Raise.

So, hug your family and get outside in your backyard to find some solace and peace. And, I look forward to celebrating with you in person or via Zoom soon!

Centennial Point Ranch Protected Forever

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The 1,741-acre Centennial Point Ranch in Bridgeport Valley is protected forever with a conservation easement! This voluntary agreement secures the future of vital habitat for mule deer, sage-grouse, birds, bees, and butterflies in the verdant meadows of the valley.

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We will celebrate and reflect on this historic agreement as part of our upcoming community chat on June 29th – please join the conversation!

Upcoming Events

Pollinator Garden Inspiration Tour
Saturday, June 11th

eslt by amy leist
Photo by Amy Leist

Join the Pollinator Garden Inspiration Tour from 9 am to 1 pm on June 11th for the opportunity to see some beautiful and creative pollinator-friendly gardens in Bishop!

This year’s tour is a joint effort between ESLT and the UC Master Gardeners of Inyo and Mono County. Please RSVP to [email protected]. Visit our event page for more information.

Setting the Course: ESLT Community Chat
Wednesday, June 29th

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Photo by Dwayne Leonard, Ranch Memories Photography

Join ESLT for a community chat as we celebrate 21 years of land conservation! Grab your lunch and jump online from wherever you are.

While we reflect back on where we’ve been, we’d also love to hear from you on where you’d like to see ESLT go in the next 20 years. What do you think is most important to protect in the Eastern Sierra? Brainstorm some ideas with us!

Sign up for the on our event page.

Lands & Legacy Celebration
Thursday, August 25th

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Mark your calendars! This year’s Lands & Legacy Celebration Paddle Raise is set for Thursday, August 25th.

In the two weeks leading up to the Paddle Raise there will be an array of exciting in-person and virtual events. We can’t wait to celebrate all that we have accomplished together. More details to come soon.

Career Opportunities

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We are hiring! Do you want to work to protect the land, water, and wildlife that make the Eastern Sierra so special? Apply to join our team as our Membership Coordinator or Land Conservation Program Director. Please share with someone who might be interested.

Visit our Employment Page for more information.

Conservation News

From the Field: Flowers Abound

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Our land stewardship manager, Kelly, has been busy in the field as we head into monitoring season. While Kelly monitors protected lands to ensure conservation values are upheld, she also gets a chance to take in the beautiful scenery, wildlife, and plant life. Here are some of her wildflower observations from recent monitoring trips:

Over the past few months I have been watching spring arrive at various elevations in the Eastern Sierra, slowly creeping up the grade in the form of one of my most favorite things in the world- wildflowers. My monitoring visits and work in the Benton area, Mono Basin, and Bridgeport area have brought me to some special patches of wildflowers that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

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The first spring flowers I noticed were the little delicates, such as Purplemat, Popcornflower, Desert Dandelion, and Blazing Star. These tiny beauties are almost all set to seed in the Benton area. Next up are the Paintbrushes, Phlox, and Milkvetch, which are plentiful at Black Lake. I just noticed the arrival of Shooting Stars and Irises at Black Lake Preserve. The vibrant yellow Mule’s Ears are just opening at Green Creek Powerhouse Preserve. Spring is in full swing, summer is moving in, and the wildflowers are poppin’!

Mule Deer on the Move: Safety Tips for Drivers

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Mule Deer are on the move in the Eastern Sierra, and it is crucial that drivers slow down and watch the road. CalTrans District 9 has an excellent guide for drivers on ways to prevent deer collisions during migration season.

Each spring and fall, migrating mule deer make their way through a narrow bottleneck, with Wheeler Crest rising dramatically on one side, Owens River Gorge dropping off on the other, and Highway 395 running in between. Disastrously for herds and humans, many deer are hit each year while attempting to cross the highway. Addressing this issue is critical, and it will take all of us in the Eastern Sierra conservation community.

The Mammoth Lakes 395 Wildlife Crossing is a collaborative effort to make highway crossings safer for mule deer, humans, and other wildlife. Your support is critical to making this project a reality!

Thank you for being a part of the ESLT family. With our caring landowners, volunteers, members, and supporters, we’re protecting a bright future for the Eastern Sierra.

(From Eastern Sierra Land Trust)

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