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District Attorney’s Report on the George Barlow, July 24th “Use of Force Incident”

DA Tom Hardy“The conclusion is that the Deputies involved acted lawfully.”

This was a statement given by Inyo County District Attorney, Tom Hardy, September 7th, after his “Use of Force Report regarding the incident of July 24, 2021”, was posted to the county website.

There has been some debate on whether the deputies had used unlawful force on George Barlow. The detailed report states that after the incident at the Chevron Station, Barlow maintained his aggressive stance towards the EMT’s taking him to the hospital. The radio traffic from the ambulance stated that that the patient was “actively fighting” them. Barlow continued to attack the E.R. doctor’s and nurses once he arrived at Northern Inyo Hospital (NIH). The emergency room doctor reported to the original investigating Deputies, that staff at the hospital had to “biochemically paralyze” Mr. Barlow due to his “overwhelming level of combativeness”.

Barlow’s injuries were a head gash (most likely from the baton) and a dog bite on the arm from the K-9 officer subduing him. But due to his lack of cooperation with the DA, his medical records were not released so any further injuries were not assessed in the document .

His parole officer checked on him Aug 5., “Mr. Barlow indicated that he would not cooperate in the investigation, and refused to sign releases for his medical information. Consequently, we have not been able to obtain detailed medical information regarding his injuries, nor his version of the events of July 24,2021. According to his Parole Agent, when he gave Mr. Barlow the business card of the DA Investigator and asked him to call, Mr. Barlow ate the business card (Mr. Barlow chewed it up and swallowed it).”, said Hardy.

According to the report, Barlow also tested positive for Methamphetamine at that time.

Also mentioned were the subsequent incidents in the following weeks, involving Barlow allegedly stealing a car from NIH, as well as his current arrest and incarceration for arson and 5 counts of attempted homicide.

Here is the full report from DA, Tom Hardy.

Use of Force 21-07-097


See Eastern Sierra NOW’s  coverage of press releases, on the other mentioned incidents here.

George Barlow Arrest for Attempted Homicide and Arson



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