Report of George Barlow Stealing a Vehicle From Northern Inyo Hospital

George BarlowOn Aug 18th, New Bishop Police Chief, Richard Standridge, stated in a phone call with Eastern Sierra Now, “At 12:45 pm, Bishop Police Department responded to Northern Inyo Hospital with reports of a stolen vehicle. Through the course of the investigation and eye witness reports, it was determined the vehicle was stolen by George Clinton Barlow. Bishop Police did not take Mr. Barlow into custody, for reasons that could not be discussed at this time. The vehicle was returned to its owner. The case has been given to the district attorney’s office.”

Mr. Barlow has been the subject of controversy and protest in the area since July 24, 2021, when a video of Mr. Barlow being restrained by two Inyo County Sheriff’s officers surfaced on social media. The officers shot and killed Mr. Barlow’s dog when it attacked the officers. The officer’s K-9 was then released on Mr. Barlow to subdue him. Many community members gathered in protest shortly after the incident citing that the officers used excessive force in subduing Mr. Barlow. The Bishop Tribal Council, Inyo County Sheriff’s Office, and Bishop Police Department released statements on Facebook shortly after the incident, view all of the statements below. Inyo County Sheriff’s Office also released the officers’ body camera footage, read our earlier reporting to view the body camera footage. Currently, the District Attorney’s Office is conducting an investigation on the actions of the two Inyo County Sheriff’s officers.

Read more about the July 24th incident on Tu-Su Lane HERE

We will continue to report updates as it unfolds.

Bishop Tribe Press ReleaseInyo County Sheriff StatementBishop Police Statement

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