Cross Country Meet: Bishop Union vs Kern Valley 2022

Here are the results from Wednesday’s 11/2/22 league Cross Country meet held at our Tungsten Hills course. Bishop Union vs Kern Valley.

No team results because neither Bishop Union or Kern Valley had a complete team.

Congratulations, to Alexander Adkins for his first place finish, to Josh Wilson for minute improvement in his 5k time, and Audrey Cokeley for being Bishop Union’s only girls team competitor.

Lee Vining’s team ran as an unofficial team.

Boys Varsity:
1. Alexander Adkins. Bishop Union 19:47
2. Denzel Gomez. Bishop Union 19:54
3. Daniel. Kern Valley. 20:06
4. Jackson. Kern Valley. 22:42
5. Josh Wilson. Bishop Union. 23:17
6. Charlie Trefryle. Lee Vining. 23:34
7. Sebastian. Kern Valley. 23:39
8. Alex Eide. Bishop Union. 23:39
8. Nolan. Kern Valley. 23:39

Girls Varsity:
1. Esha EIHS. LEE VINING. 25:20
2. Audrey Cokeley. Bishop Union. 26:22
3. Kassandra. Kern Valley. 28:15
4. Alden Seilerling. Lee Vining. 29:21
5. Kira Wanner. Lee Vining. 31:45

Thank you for your support of high school sports,
have a nice evening,
Coach Walsh

(From Michael Walsh)

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