Bishop JV Mathletes are Champions!

Mathletes JV Boron 2 9 22 1
Team picture from left to right: Sam Wilson, Elias Downard, Cooper Beard, Audrey Cokeley, Ashley Fitt, Kate Anderson, Alyssa Buchholz and Sydney Norcross

Bishop JV Mathletes are Champions! Their season recently ended with an impressive first place finish with almost twice the score of the second place team. This is like a 30-0 win in professional soccer or winning the Superbowl by 7 touchdowns. I’m trying to tell you, this just doesn’t happen which makes the victory that much sweeter. 

JV teams compete in 4 Meets each year. Bishop took home first in each Meet and brought home 22 individual ribbons! The season ended with Bishop #1 with 143 points, Tehachapi #2 with 76 points, Boron #3 with 67 points and Rosamond #4 with 66 points. 

The top 15 Mathletes in the league are awarded high honors. 7 out of the top 15 are Bishop players: #1 in the league is Sam Wilson (35 individual points), #2 is Ashley Fitt, #3 is Elias Downard, #4 is Alyssa Buchholz, #5 is Cooper Beard, #9 is Audrey Cokeley and #13 in the league is Anwyn Benson. 

Coach DeeDee Buchholz is very proud! “These kids are incredible! They are so smart and creative in their approach to solve problems. They work great together and enjoy competing. I see a very bright future for Bishop Mathletes! I am so impressed!”

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