9-20-21: National News in a Nutshell

Texas Lawsuit Challenges Abortion Ban

Photo credit: The Texas Tribune

A lawsuit was filed Monday against a doctor who performed an abortion, an action that is now illegal under the new law. The lawsuit was filed by a felon serving a home sentence who partly submitted it because of the $10,000 reward money he would receive if his case is successful. This court proceedings will be the first time the new abortion ban will be tested for its constitutionality. Separately, the Biden Administration also sued Texas over the abortion ban earlier this month.




Photo credit: USA Today

Investigation Launched into U.S. Border Agents

After photos surfaced showing U.S. border agents using whips to deter Haitian migrants seeking asylum, U.S. Customs has begun a formal investigation. The video of the border agents shows them on horseback, whipping reins or a piece of leather at the people on the ground, and one clip even shows a horse lunging and knocking someone into the water. The Biden Administration has denounced this behavior and encourage investigation, and has said they are working to gather more information.


Photo credit: New Statesman

Trudeau Heads for Victory in Canadian Election

The current Canadian election doubles as Parliamentary and Prime Minister – and so far, Liberal Party candidate Justin Trudeau seems to be winning. However, it’s still up in the air whether the Liberal Party will secure enough seats in the Parliament to get a majority. Mr. Trudeau’s agenda, if he wins, includes expanding access to childcare and more aggressive policies to fight climate change.



Photo credit: The New York Times

Gabby Petito Remains Found

On Sunday, authorities found a body in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming that they believe to be missing person Gabby Petito’s. It should be noted that it’s not yet fully confirmed the body is that of Gabby, but it is extremely likely. The autopsy to confirm the body’s identity will be completed Tuesday. Currently, FBI is investigating the home of Brian Laundrie, Gabby’s boyfriend who traveled with her on the road trip where she eventually went missing. Laundrie is currently missing and has not been located.

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