Fishing Season is Winding Down: Fish Report 11-05-21

Hello, anglers!

Photo credit: Chris Leonard

The countdown to the end of the traditional 2021 fishing season is on. We are winding down with ten days left this season to legally fish most of the fisheries in the Eastern Sierra.

While DFW did make changes to a lot of the fisheries of the Eastern Sierra, most were left intact with the regs that were already governing them. Your complete list of fishing regs can be found here.
Most of the high country lakes are closing to fishing on the 15th of this month, and I’m already hearing reports of some of the highest lakes having enough ice to safely skate. This report will highlight a few of our blue-ribbon high country lakes.
So… what to hit? The weather this weekend looks glorious. It will be cool in the high country, but clear blue skies. Saturday might be a bit breezy but Sunday looks calm. I think this is an opportune time to make one last run at some of the higher lakes like Parker Lake or Walker Lake. They are great short hikes, and it will be very quiet up there. You’ll get into fish with Thomas Bouyants or Panther Martins. I would fish around the inlet or outlet of Parker, and around the grass at Walker.

Lake Fishing

Photo credit: Chris Leonard

Both are absolutely beautiful venues. If you’re after lounging a little more and casting a little less, fishing inflated nightcrawlers is a brilliant idea. Get some air in them so they float off the lake bottom, and watch the rod tip for movement. Any of the fishing outfitters in the area can help you understand how to rig your worms up for success.
Pushing further north, I would also suggest Bridgeport Reservoir and Twin Lakes outside of Bridgeport as fantastic venues for this weekend. They can be fished with the same hardware/ bait as Parker and Walker. I think fishing down by the dam on “The Res” can be quite productive, and from the shores of Twin. Again, fishing inlets and outlets of any lakes can be productive.
The lakes above Rock Creek Lake up Little Lakes Valley would also be great places to fish this weekend. Not much different than any of the other lakes mentioned in this report, in regard to how to fish them. If you are feeling truly adventurous, hiking a float tube up to any of the lakes is a great idea. You won’t find the frozen lakes till way up high. There will be open water along the trail. These are some of my favorite to fly fish, stripping streamers on a sink line.
Lake Fishing

Photo credit: Chris Leonard

While the Crowley Lake Fish Camp has shut its doors for the season, you can still legally fish Crowley till the 15th. Convict also. Same techniques (though bait is illegal on Crowley now). Same types of locales on the respective lakes.

Lastly, some love for the June Lake Loop. Some biggens in those waters. You’ve only got a few days left this season to fish them. It’s coming down to now or 2022. Silver and Gull are my favorite in the Loop, but don’t overlook June. There are some monster fish in June. Fishing the beach at June seems like a good call.
A lot of the moving waters are fishing well now, but I’ll touch on those next week, as there is just too much to list. A lot of the moving waters will remain open after the 15th which is why I think this is a great weekend to get on some stillwater action. Drop me a comment here letting me know how you did. Or, leave a question or request of a fishery, and I will address it.
That’s your short and sweet fish report for this week. There are too many fisheries to list.
Chris Leonard will be giving us our weekly fish report, and will mix it up every week talking about different places to get fishy. Chris Leonard guides for Kittredge Sports in Mammoth Lakes.
Have fun. Be safe. Go get ’em!
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Chris Leonard

TIP JAR Chris Leonard is a longstanding teacher at Mammoth High School, and experienced fly fishing guide. He guides both rivers and lakes in the Eastern Sierra. His understanding of teaching and fly fishing makes him a choice guide in the region.

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