Bishop Bronco Away Game to Yerington, Cancelled *Update* Game moved to Farmerville

Bronco Football LogoHello Everyone-

Unfortunately,  Varsity Yerington football scheduled for Saturday, August 28th has been cancelled due to not having enough numbers.  The JV game at Yerington at 4:30PM is still on pending an air quality check Saturday morning.  We are still looking for games to fill the Varsity void and I will update you soon as I know more.
-Stacy Van Nest
Athletic Director, Bishop High School
*** UPDATE*****
“We have been able to secure a Varsity football game on Friday, August 27th.  We will be traveling to Farmersville for a 6:00 kick-off.  The student-athletes will be released from school at 10:30AM”. -Stacy Van Nest
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