Screen Shot 2022 02 18 at 4.12.57 PMFunded from the Clean Air Projects Program, the Town took possession of a new lithium-ion Zamboni 552AC ice resurfacing machine for operation at the new Community Recreation Center.

“The new custom built Zamboni machine is more reliable, has zero emissions, will significantly reduce maintenance, operating and fuel costs, and most importantly, will deliver an exceptional skating surface utilizing the new Level-Ice system for our many users,” stated Stuart Brown, Parks and Recreation Director.

The Zamboni 552AC machine will deliver clean ice and clean air – critical for operating indoors at the new Community Recreation Center, scheduled to open in the fall of 2022.

The new emission-free ice-resurfacer replaces the existing propane-driven 27-year-old Olympia, well past its useful life. In its drive to net zero, the Town also purchased a new electric Zamboni EZIII Edger, replacing the outdated, gas-driven 1999 unit.

The new Zamboni machine will be used at the existing Mammoth Ice Rink for the remainder of the season.

Doug Peters, Regional Sales Manager for the Zamboni Company said, “Mammoth Lakes made a smart equipment decision. The lithium-ion powered machine will eliminate a number of maintenance tasks associated with fuel powered and even lead acid battery models. The Level-Ice laser leveling system means the ice thickness and quality will be consistent, no matter which operator is behind the wheel.”  

Built by hand, one at a time, Zamboni machines are legendary for their quality, durability and superior performance. Every feature is deliberately designed to make resurfacing easier, ensuring a consistent quality sheet of ice.

Lithium-ion is a game-changer for ice resurfacing equipment. The quick charge time of Lithium-ion will allow the Zamboni machine to get back on the ice with maximum capacity and no overnight downtime. The battery requires no maintenance, will not over-charge and the extended battery life will provide the rink with worry-free maintenance and longevity for years to come. Most importantly, lithium-ion batteries provide a true Net Zero alternative to other equipment, creating a safe and healthy environment for staff and guests.

“We look forward to welcoming guests to the new Community Recreation Center to experience a laser-focused precision ice surface produced with zero-emissions compliments of the new electric Zamboni machine.” Stuart Brown, Parks and Recreation Director.

The Community Recreation Center (CRC) will be a Sprung Performance Arena enclosing an Olympic size ice rink that will operate in the winter and in the summer, sport tiles will cover the rink area creating a 20,000 sq. foot Mammoth RecZone. Combined with community driven and professionally branded programming, the new year-round facility operated by the Parks and Recreation Department will be a game-changer for recreation in Mammoth Lakes.

The CRC is the major recreation amenity at Mammoth Creek Park that includes three complementary components: the natural play area; National Demonstration Site 7,700 sq. ft. inclusive playground and the new minor-mobility hub with parking for up to 118 vehicles and access to the expansive Mammoth Lakes Trail System.

The Clean Air Projects Program is administered by the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District (GBUAPCD).

For additional information about the new Community Recreation Center (CRC), please visit the dedicated CRC website or contact Stuart Brown, Parks and Recreation Director at (760) 965-3696.

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