Town’s Community Housing Now Program Continues to Move Forward

Mammoth Lakes ParcelOn December 1, Town Council received an update on the Phase 1 plan for The Parcel, which will provide 80 units of affordable rental housing in mid-2023. The project is being developed by the Pacific Company. For individuals who are interested in renting at The Parcel you may contact the Pacific Company toll free at (855) 452-8250. The Town’s effort to provide affordable housing ownership now (‘Housing Now!’) for families earning up to 120% of the area median income (e.g., $77,950 for a family of 2) is moving forward. The Town, in partnership with Mammoth Lakes Housing (MLH), is providing funding to purchase existing housing units and sell these units to households working in our region at an affordable price. The units are deed restricted to retain affordability long-term. The Town’s plan is to provide 6-8 units over the next 6 months. For additional information and to be considered for program contact MLH at (760) 934-4740. MLH also provides other housing related services for low income households.

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