Weather Report for 10-19-21


cool wind 800pxToday, Bishop has a high wind warning, with gusts up to 21 mph starting in the afternoon and going through the night. Sunday, there will be a chance of showers, and showers will be likely on Monday. Daytime temperatures will be in the low 70s until Sunday, where the storm front will drop daytime highs to the low 60s for Monday. Nighttime lows will be in the high 30s for the rest of this week.




The Sun

Mammoth Lakes has a special weather statement for gusty winds as high as 20-20 mph today through Wednesday. On Friday, there will be a 20% chance of rain after 11 am, and snow above 9,500 feet. Friday night, a slight chance of rain and snow with a snow level starting at 9,800 feet that drops to 8,700 feet after midnight. Saturday, also a slight chance of rain with snow level back up to 9,500 feet. Saturday night rain is likely, with a snow level starting at 9,300 feet going up to 10,000 feet later in the day. Sunday night rain is also likely with a snow level at 9,700 feet, and rain and snow are likely on Monday. Before the storm system comes in on Friday, daytime highs will be in the mid to low 50s, dropping to the 40s and then the 30s as the system progresses. Nighttime lows will be in the high 20s and low 30s throughout the week.

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