“We Cannot Safely Staff All of Our Classrooms and Programs.” Mammoth Unified School Closure Possible Due to Covid-19

Mammoth Unified School District Logo

Mammoth UnifiedSchool Superintendent, Jennifer Wildman, sent out a public notice though the app, ParentSquare, to inform parents of kids in the Mammoth school District, that they are awaiting school closure orders from Public Health. If the orders come, Mammoth High School and Middle School will be closed from this Monday, Sept. 20th through Oct 1st.  The elementary school hasn’t been as affected by increased Covid-19 cases, so it is assumed they will be staying open.

Wildman states, “Because of a high level of exposure we are also experiencing staffing shortages related to Covid-19 which will affect our ability to keep all of our schools open at this time. When administrators, teachers and staff have to quarantine, we cannot safely staff all of our classrooms and programs.”

More news as Eastern Sierra NOW receives it.


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