The Batman Fights Against Stale Superhero Movies at Minaret Cinemas

The Batman Fights Against Stale Superhero Movies at Minaret Cinemas

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The world’s greatest detective is back on the big screen! The Batman is a fresh approach to the iconic character that hasn’t been seen for a long time in previous Batman films and adaptations. When the Riddler, a sadistic serial killer, begins murdering key political figures in Gotham, Batman is forced to investigate the city’s hidden corruption and question his family’s involvement.

The Batman feels exactly like what the original Batman stories were always intended to feel like: a detective story.

Feeling like a classic film noir, The Batman spends the story trying to investigate a new string of murders in Gotham City, while also protecting its citizens from chaos. One of the biggest comparisons this Batman adaption has been getting leading up to its release is its style similar to the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy, nostly for its feeling of being much more “grounded in reality,” instead of a campy, cartoonish style other portrayals have done. With scenes of grizzly aftermath of the Riddler’s crime spree, there is a dark feel to the story throughout. giving the film a horror movie vibe on top of it’s comic book/detective storyline.

By the start of the film, The Batman is already two years into his vigilante justice, so he is a known figure in Gotham. Being as there have been many other origin stories, it’s a breath of fresh air to watch a film and jump right into the plot. For the movie goers who are unfamiliar with the superhero’s back story, there’s enough dialogue scenes to help fill in any gaps that haven’t been shown.

Robert Pattinson delivers an “anti-hero” performance of Bruce Wayne/Batman. This Bruce is no longer the playboy, coming to the parties with three dates, driving the expensive cars, and living his luxurious lifestyle. Instead, this is a Bruce Wayne who didn’t want to take on the responsibility of being Gotham’s protector, but must do it, as no one else will. He still lives in Wayne Manor, he still represents his family’s legacy, trying to balance being a normal person and a superhero. Robert Pattinson deserves as much praise for playing Batman as anyone who came before him. His performance is anything but stale or wooden. You feel every punch of emotion he puts on screen.

While this is still a fun comic book film, this movie deals with many subjects that may be deemed unsettling or disturbing to some. The whole film is very intense and brutal for some viewers. Some sequences really muddle the line between a hard PG-13 and a full blown R rated film. Having said that, the overall message of the movie is very strong and important, to always fight for what is right but to not get carried away with retribution.

The Batman is rated PG-13 for strong violent and disturbing content, drug content, strong language, and some suggestive material.

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