Tete a Tete mystery play kills it at the Forum Theater in Lone Pine

tete a tete final poster

Third performance in, and Tete a Tete murder mystery play gets a full house. In fact – the theater had to add more chairs to get to the full capacity of 50 people to accommodate the demand.

A full house at the Forum Performance sold out but theres one more show 1 1
A full house at the Forum! Performance sold out but there’s one more show.

Don’t worry if you missed it. There is the grand finale Saturday Nov 19th – with a special end of season awards show for the best performers. Not only do the audience get to work out who-dunnit and how – but add their ballot which performers should win the ‘Diamond Mask’ awards.

mutual appreciation from the performers and audience
Mutual appreciation from the performers and audience.

Daniel Stallings, founder of https://mastermysteryproductions.com in Ridgecrest wrote, produced and directed the play. He complimented Lone Pine for their fine theater and the honor of hosting his largest audience yet!

Mystery Theater Productions

It was the first collaboration with local non profit Goodent who manages the theater.
“This is exactly how we would like the theater to be used” – enthused President Judyth Greenburgh.

inventive sets and performances shine through
Inventive sets and performances shine through.

The theater is a space for the community and beyond to use – the rental rates are very low thanks to theater owner Joseph Bork donating the rent back. We just charge for the overheads, insurance & management of the space.

We have previously done our own programming even putting on virtual shows during COVID and regular open mikes, but we are reliant on grant money to run these, which are few and far between.

By renting the space out – it enables the theater to be used as needed – not just when we program something.

forum rent ad

It’s $30.00 /day 4 hours Maximum – For Non-Profit Community & School Groups, For Non-Performance events

And $50.00/day 5 hours minimum, 8 hours maximum and $25.00/ each dark day for Non-Profit Community & School Groups Performance Events

Theater Performances (For profit & non-profit) it’s $100.00/day, 12 hours maximum/day, including rehearsal days and $25.00/ each dark day**

Other Live Events (touring shows, popular acts, subscriptions, live music, promoter events, and speakers) ** It’s also $100.00 per day, per event, and a percentage of the ticket sales to be determined.

Visit the website https://www.goodent.org/events–bookings.html for a full rate sheet, booking forms and other information.

(From Goodent)

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