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Supervisors Encourage Public to Participate in Redistricting Hearings

Inyo County SealSupervisors Encourage Public to Participate in Redistricting Hearings

The Inyo County Board of Supervisors will be hosting a series of public hearings regarding redistricting and invites the
public to attend and share its thoughts about how to adjust Inyo County’s supervisorial districts.

The hearings will be held during four of the next five regular Board meetings:
 October 12 at 11 am
 October 19 at 11 am and 6 pm (please note that two hearings will be held on this day to provide multiple opportunities for public engagement)
 November 2 at 11 am
 November 9 at 11 am
The 2020 Census data revealed that Inyo County’s supervisorial districts are uneven because, since the 2010 Census,
growth in the North County area (districts 1, 2, and 3) has outpaced growth in the South County area (districts 4 and 5).



The current population breakdown by district is as follows:
Current Population
District 1 3,848
District 2 4,036
District 3 4,546
District 4 3,188
District 5 3,345
TOTAL 18,963

In addition to providing the public with a chance to comment at the above-listed hearings, staff will present ideas about
how district boundaries can be adjusted, and the Inyo County Board of Supervisors, which is serving as Inyo County’s
Redistricting Commission, will provide direction to staff.

Due to COVID-19, all hearings will be held via Zoom.

The Zoom meeting may be accessed here: or by telephone at the following numbers:

(669) 900-6833;

(346) 248-7799;

(253) 215-8782;

(929) 205-6099;

(301) 715-8592;

(312) 626-6799

(webinar ID: 868 254).

Anyone wishing to comment during the hearings may do so either in writing, or by utilizing the “hand-raising” feature
(when appropriate the Redistricting Commission Chair will call on those who wish to speak). Written public comment
limited to 250 words or less may be emailed to the Assistant Clerk of the Board at [email protected].

Your emailed comments may or may not be read aloud, but all comments will be made a part of the record.
More information about the redistricting process, including an interactive tool to explore population by census block, at

TELEPHONE (760) 878-0373
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]

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