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Spotlight On: Brewed Awakening

Spotlight On:
Brewed Awakening

As part of our ongoing series, we are interviewing people of interest in the area who are having a positive impact on our community.

This time, we reached out to Chaisty Snoderly of Brewed Awakening!

brewed awakening
Photo courtesy of Brewed Awakening

Can you tell me a little bit about your history in the Owens Valley?

My mom Shelly moved to Owens Valley when she was 5 years old. She went to Big Pine Elementary school and graduated from Big Pine High School in 1991.  She moved away for roughly 20 years and moved back in 2008.  I spent a lot of time in Bishop and Big Pine growing up. My dad and his family lived here as well as my mother’s parents; I came up almost every summer and holiday to visit.  As soon as I was able to move up here permanently I did.  I have been here since 2010. I am a member of the Bishop Paiute Tribe and foster family for Inyo County and am currently raising my 3 children here.

What inspired you to open a coffee house in Big Pine?

My whole life my mother (Shelly) talked about opening a restaurant/sandwich shop of some sorts. We come from a long line of Entrepreneurs, so owning something of our own  is in our blood.  We are extremely community-based and love our small town, Big Pine. We saw a void in the food and restaurant industry here and thought we could help. Not only is our establishment here to serve  the community food and drinks, we are here to serve them as a place of business that supports the youth and organizations of this community.

brewed awakening
Photo courtesy of Brewed Awakening

What sets you aside from other Coffee sellers in the area?

We like to think of ourselves as a whole lot more than a coffee shop. Being in a small town, we wanna be able to offer diversity. Therefore, our menu changes often. We bring different and new desserts, food, and drinks to the menu all the time. We strive to see where there is a need or a gap and we fill it. We host many fun interactive events for families, and kids of the area as well. We have offered baking and cooking classes to our youth, and pine needle basket classes for all ages.

brewed awakening
Photo courtesy of Brewed Awakening

What are some Specialty drinks and unique offerings you have at Brewed Awakening?

At Brewed, we serve local, Mount Whitney Coffee Roasters coffee. We make espresso drinks from English toffee macchiato’s (The B.A.M) to House blended vanilla chai lattes (Hootin Chassy). We offer non-coffee drinks like smoothies, immunity tees, and fun Italian sodas. We took special care in the curation of our drinks to incorporate our family that has supported us along the route, naming our drinks like, “Triple Titan ” after my son’s nickname, Titan Tony or the “Cuppa-Joe” named after my grandpa Joe.

Can you share any plans for the future or new offerings at your Coffee house?

We plan to keep Brewed ever changing. We plan to continue to grow our business, offering more catering, a coffee cart with a full espresso machine, more cooking, and baking classes not only for children but adults as well, participating in more local events, and adding a scholarship or two to promote the education of our youth.

brewed awakening
Photo courtesy of Brewed Awakening

A special thank you to Chaisty Snoderly for taking the time to answer our questions.  You can find Brewed Awakening at:

120 South Main Street
Big Pine, California 93513
(760) 938-2833

[email protected]

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