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Spotlight On: Dr. Robert B. Dibble and Alpine Center

Spotlight On:
Alpine Center

As part of our ongoing series, we are interviewing people of interest in the area who are having a positive impact on our community.

This time, we reached out to Dr. Robert Dibble from Alpine Center in Bishop, CA. Alpine Center recently created a new website for their business, and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about them!

alpine center
Photo by Gayla Wolf

Dr. Dibble, what inspired you to become a therapist, and how long have you been practicing?

During my twenties, I was a senior administrator at the Veterans Hospital in West Los Angeles. I became interested in Psychology through my close associations with Psychologists and Psychiatrists and so went to nearby U.C.L.A. to further my education. In 1979, I graduated from the California School of Professional Psychology with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. I worked at the Veterans Administration and in private practice until I moved to Bishop.

How long have you been practicing in the Eastern Sierra, and what are the things that brought you here?

I have loved the Eastern Sierra since I began hiking and skiing here in my teens. So, when it was time to escape the intensity and anonymity of Los Angeles, my heart led me home to Bishop. Of course, I was attracted by the natural beauty and outdoor activities, but I also wanted to belong to a small community where I could get to know people, and to be known and appreciated for what I do best.

alpine center
Photo by Gayla Wolf

Can you describe the range of services that are offered at Alpine Treatment Center?

We specialize in assessing and treating the following issues:

  • Alcohol, Addiction and Recovery
  • Anger Management
  • Couples Counseling
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Depression and Bipolar Disorder
  • Grief Counseling
  • Legal Related Problems
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Stress Management
  • Work and Career Issues

How do you approach confidentiality and privacy concerns within your practice?

The Eastern Sierra is a relatively small community, and people here are especially sensitive to protecting information about themselves and their families. For your protection, Alpine Center is licensed by the California Department of Health Services, and our staff are also licensed by the State of California. Both U.S. Federal and California State laws and regulations, as well as Alpine’s strict policies and procedures guarantee your privacy and confidentiality. All documents are safety stored under lock and key, and your identity and health information will be released ONLY with your express written consent. No information will be released to your employer or your insurance company unless you provide prior written consent. And our staff, who are long-term residents of the Owens Valley, understand the importance of protecting these rights!

alpine center
Photo by Gayla Wolf

Do you offer any specialized services or support groups for specific issues such as trauma, addiction, or grief?

Alpine Center provides a variety of specialized services, some of which are unique to the Eastern Sierra. These include:

  • A California-licensed Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program.
    As the preferred provider in the area, it emphasizes local outpatient treatment for convenience, confidentiality, and family support. The program covers comprehensive assessments, including drug and alcohol screening, psychological interviews, family interviews, and medical detoxification if needed. The program addresses special needs and dual diagnosis cases.
    Individualized treatment planning is a key feature, involving individual and
    family therapy sessions, recovery support groups, and flexible lengths of
    stay. This program focuses on relapse prevention through education,
    support, and a unique self-assessment workbooks. The Continuing Care
    Phase emphasizes lifestyle change and optional involvement in 12-step
    self-help groups.
  • Court-Approved Men’s Anger Management and Domestic Violence Programs.
    Violence is never appropriate during conflict, regardless of the circumstances. Domestic violence and all types of abuse are destructive forces which reduce the quality of family life, and dehumanize and degrade both the victim, perpetrator, and children. Domestic violence is also a crime, to which society responds with serious concern and legal consequences. Fortunately, violence is a learned behavior which can be changed if an individual is willing to admit their problem and accept education and counseling. It is possible to learn healthy ways of expressing feelings and managing anger.
    Program Description: The Domestic Violence – MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) Program consists of a 52-week course of education and counseling, with group sessions held once weekly.The program employs a proven evidence-based approach to stopping violence and abuse in family relationships:
    1. An educational component to help clients deepen their awareness of the role of gender in socialization, dynamics of power and control, nature of violence, effects of abuse, effects of alcohol or drug use, and nature of human relationships.
    2. A group counseling process to confront and change negative beliefs and attitudes that fuel violence and abuse, and to master problem solving strategies and positive coping mechanisms.
  • Employee Assistance Program.
    Does your employer have a no-cost Employee Assistance Program for you and your family? If so, you may be eligible for confidential counseling and related services at no cost to you. Just call the number on your employer-provided EAP card or ask your employer for an EAP referral. Ask them to refer you to Alpine Center, or Robert Dibble Ph.D. We are contracted with all major employers in the area, including:

    • Northern Inyo Hospital
    • Southern California Edison
    • Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
    • Inyo and Mono County Governments
    • Wild Iris
    • Sheriff’s Departments and Police
    • City of Los Angeles: Department of Water and Power
    • State of California: CalTrans, Cal-Fire, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Highway Patrol
    • U.S. Federal Government: U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Park Service.

A special thank you to Dr. Robert Dibble for answering our questions! Alpine Center is located at 375 E Line St, Bishop, CA 93514. They also have a brand new website that can be found at  

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