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Sierra Club Range of Light Group’s Outings are Back!


Sierra Club Range of Light Group’s events and outings are back! Please add the upcoming events to your community calendars.


Long Valley Exploratory Drilling Project Site Tour

Saturday, August 14, 9.30am – Noon

Long ValleyAre you concerned about the potential exploratory drilling project at Hot Creek in Long Valley? Join us at the site and see first hand everything we need to protect. We’ll meet at the Hot Creek Geologic Site for the view from that vantage point and then drive to Blue Chert Hill, and then further down ClayPit Cutoff. Any vehicle should be able to make it as long as the driver is okay driving on a non-graded section of FS Road 3S07. Attendance is limited to 10 cars/20 people, registration is required. Please register at or contact [email protected].


Eastern Sierra Volunteer Virtual Overview

Thursday, August 19, 6.30pm – 8.00pm

Are you passionate about Eastern Sierra public lands, water,Volunteer Badge wildlife, and outings, and want to get involved? Join us to meet other like minded people and find the perfect way for you to be part of the Sierra Club. This event is for those that live in the Eastern Sierra to deepen our relationships with one another and work together to protect our local natural treasures. Registration is required. Please register at

or contact [email protected].

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