Eastern Sierra NOW will be Live-Streaming the Inyo Sheriff Candidates Town Hall held by the VFW Tues, March 22nd

To local media from VFW Post 8988 Board :

We are grateful all four sheriff candidates have responded and will be in attendance on March 22nd (we are still working on dates for BOS candidates).  Below is the recent email we sent the sheriff candidates:

Dear Sheriff Candidates,

We are grateful to receive all of your RSVPs for our Townhall on March 22nd at the VFW Post 8988 in Bishop (6 to 8pm).  Your choice to take part in this important Townhall will give the public the best idea of who you are and where you stand on important issues.  
The VFW Hall is able to seat around 80 to 100 people comfortably.  Feel free to invite whomever you like (there will likely be standing room as well).  There will be a table for your campaign materials to be placed at the back of the room.  We ask that you bring items no bigger than 8.5×11 for the table.  You are welcome to hand your yard signs out from your vehicle, but please don’t bring them inside as they take up a lot of space.  
No candidates will be provided questions prior to the Townhall.  There will be questions revolving around veterans but we do not want to take up the majority of your time and efforts; we want our community to be involved as much as possible.  We will take questions from the public on cards during the first hour in order to ask during the second hour.  Those will be vetted for repetition and anything not helpful for the Townhall.  We will encourage those who write questions to add their names and we will call upon them to ask their questions themselves.  The emcee will be allowed to ask a question on behalf of the member of the public who isn’t comfortable doing it themselves.
We will be posting this event on our Facebook tomorrow evening, this weekend, and the day of the event.  If you would like us to, we will add any additional contact information of yours to our post upon your request (ie website, social media, phone, etc); just respond to this email with any additional contact information you would like added to our post.  Feel free to share, comment on, and advertise this how you see fit.  We currently have two media outlets who have confirmed their attendance during the townhall but all have been informed.  As we said in the letter, we plan on streaming this on our Facebook; but our main hope is in-person attendance.  Again, thank you for your participation and your dedication to public service.  We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. 
VFW Post 8988 Board  

Eastern Sierra NOW will be in attendance and Live streaming across all our platforms.  Subscribe to our Youtube page to make sure you don’t miss it!

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Jesse Steele

TIP JAR Jesse is a media content creator and film maker from the Eastern Sierra.

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