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Road closures updated to reinclude Coyote Flat Road

Road closures updated to reinclude Coyote Flat Road

BISHOP, Calif., August 30, 2023 – Tropical storm Hillary brought significant amounts of rainfall to the Inyo National Forest, causing additional damage to forest roads. Due to unsafe conditions, forest officials have decided to temporarily close Coyote Flat and Sugarloaf Roads until repairs can be made. These roads are closed to motorized vehicles only, while foot and bicycle traffic is allowed.

The previous road closure order has been superseded to include these roads.

White Mountain Ranger District:

Recently-repaired sections of Coyote Flat Road suffered severe washouts.

road closure

road closure

Forest Service staff continue to work on agreements with individuals in the community who have the proper and right-sized heavy equipment and also with volunteer groups such as Valley Outdoors to organize additional public work day events to open the roads as soon as possible.

Mono Lake Ranger District:

Most roads remain closed as in the last closure order, however the lower portion of Rush Creek Road suffered particularly major damage.

road closure

Rush Creek Road (1N55) has been blown out due to the recent tropical storm Hillary.

1N50 has also been closed before this location to prevent motorists from reaching this section of road.

The following roads remain closed:

  • Walker Lake Road (Forest Road 1S23)
  • Bohler Canyon Road (Forest Road 1N106)
  • Horse Meadow Road (Forest Road 1N16)
  • Bald Mountain Road Area (Forest Roads 1S131, 1S131A, 1S131B)
  • Wild Horse Meadow Road (Forest Road 1S56, junction of 1S17 and 1S56B)
  • Pilot Springs Road (Forest Road 1S04 junction of 1S167 and 1S04J)
  • Rush Creek Road (Forest Roads 1N50 and 1N55)

Forest engineers are working diligently to address and repair the above damaged roads, get campgrounds open, and set up new volunteer agreements to fix roads as well. Operations have been challenging, but are moving in the right direction. We ask for your continued patience and understanding as we continue to deal with the effects of this year’s historical precipitation and the limited resources and staff we have to address it.

If you would like to get involved with efforts to help repair these roads, please contact our partner organization at Valley Outdoors: [email protected]

Other agencies manage roads that are partially Forest Service-owned or lead into our roads. Please “know before you go” by visiting their websites:

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