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Prioritizing Nutrition is a Simple Way to Regain Control of Your Snacking

Ashley Mclaughlin 1
Ashley Mclaughlin is a certified nutritionist and elite trainer from ISSA

Prioritizing Nutrition

I don’t believe in depriving, but for me, it’s all about prioritizing.

If your kids started the night with video games, how likely are they to go back to homework?

If you start your day with cocktails, how likely are you to get in your workout, cleaning and responsibilities?

I view nutrition rather similarly. Because we also tend to enjoy and savor the foods we eat first and hungriest, which helps us gain a greater appreciation for healthy foods.

Pro tip; scan your counters, pantry, and fridge for the foods you see first. Are they the foods that are healthiest? Bringing healthy foods in sight helps guarantee that they’re first to go in stomach. For the pantry, that may mean the tea, tuna and canned veggies before the candy and baking supplies. For the fridge, that may mean easy-to-grab proteins like eggs and water instead of sugary sodas and leftover Mac n cheese.

What area of your space do you think can use your attention energy this weekend? Sometimes basic re-organizing can make the biggest difference.

Coach McLaughlin-Certified Nutritionist

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Ashley Mclaughlin

Ashley is certified Elite Trainer from ISSA helping busy women get healthy and fit online and in person.
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