Mammoth Lakes Community Update

Town to Commit $6,000,000 in Community Housing Funding

  • Town Council on August 4th will confirm the investment of $6,000,000 in community housing projects. These include:
    • $1.5M to Mammoth Lakes Housing low-income Access Apartments – 11 units
    • $3M to construct 6 rental units targeted at moderate income households
    • $1.5M to purchase 6 deed restrictions on new units for moderate income households

Update on the Parcel Affordable Housing Project

  • Town Council on August 4th will receive an update on the first phase of the Parcel Project. The first phase will provide 81 units of housing (80 units for lower income households & 1 manager unit).

Housing In Lieu Fees Increases to be Considered

  • On August 4th the Town Council will provide direction regarding a potential increase in the Town’s housing in lieu fee charged on new development. The increases under consideration include:
    • Residential fee Increase from $6,000 up to $8,200
    • Lodging fees increase from $4,000 up to $9,300
    • A 7% fee increase for commercial/office/industrial to the per foot fee will be considered.

Priority Projects for Inyo National Forest Program of Work

  • Council on August 4th will be asked to confirm priority projects submitted to the Inyo National Forest to assist in programming the USFS work program with a focus on projects requiring substantial NEPA resources. Projects include:
    • Sherwins Meadow Trail System and Trailhead
    • A Dog Park at Mammoth Creek Park East
    • Extension of time and long-term land tenure for the snow storage pit
    • Acquisition of forest service land adjacent to and used by the Mammoth Yosemite Airport.
    • Shady Rest Inyo Craters (SRIC) Trail Planning.
  • The Town has a number of ongoing projects and programs that have also been presented to the Inyo National Forest that require the use of other Forest Service resources.

Town to Consider Agreement with Bird Scooters

  • The Town Council on August 4th will be presented with an option to contract with Bird Scooters to provide an initial, limited program offering electric scooters throughout Town. The scooters would be available to individuals 18 years and older for a fee. The scooters will be limited in use area, programed to limit speed, not offered during the winter, and the system will be managed locally to limit scooters being left blocking sidewalks or to become clutter along with other controls.

California Citizens Redistricting Commission Work

  • California will be redrawing state and federal legislative districts. The Council on August 4th will consider supporting a draft letter prepared by the Eastern Sierra Council of Governments expressing a desire for Mono and Inyo Counties to be placed in districts that are more representative of the Eastern Sierra Region.
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