Mammoth Bike Report – June 23, 2022

June 23, 2022 – 10:30AM

Trails Open: 25

Daily Temps: Low 70s

Weather: PM T-storm

Wind: PM Breeze



Open Trails

5 Easiest

10 Intermediate

3 Advanced

6 Expert

1 Pro


Eastward Expansion

With the opening of Brake Through from mid-mountain, the myriad of trails expanding east toward Canyon Lodge are now begging to be shredded. This is one of our biggest weeks for new trail openings this season and here’s an overview for your convenience:

  • Brake Through → Intermediate. After a somewhat technical traverse across the face of Chair 5 this trail zigs and zags down to F Stop and the Downtown intersection. High speeds and a fair amount of rock features keep this trail interesting.
  • Seven Bridges → Advanced. Catch this classic trail off Brake Through at the turn off for Flow. After cruising through a deep, dark forest, this trail drops into Lower Dry Creek bobbing and weaving across the technical bridges which give the trail its name. For advanced riders, this one should not be missed.
  • Ricochet → Advanced. Take the turn to Seven Bridges then hang a right about ¼ of a mile down the trail. Steep and utterly awesome Ricochet is the most underrated trail in the park.
  • Boomerang → Advanced. One of our newer trails, Boomerang, features flowy berms, manageable rock gardens, and a few jumps to crack off. This is a great trail to use to progress to the rowdier lines of Flow and Follow Me.
  • Follow Me → Expert. Prepare for two miles of rocks, drops, steep chutes, tons of speed and just about everything that makes downhill mountain biking awesome. There are few better feelings than nailing a smooth line down this gnarly trail. It’s rated expert for a reason, don’t let the traverse across Lincoln Mountain lull you into thinking it’s mellow.
  • Flow → Expert. Striking the perfect balance between freestyle and tech, this steep, fast trail is one of our favorites. The rock garden at the top and the “Flow Drop” are what have made the trail famous, but it could be the rest of it which make it so darn fun.
  • Pipeline → Expert. Accessed from Flow, the smooth jumps, berms, and wooden features make this trail an absolute blast. The step up toward the top of the trail has our vote for best progression jump in the park, another one not to be missed.


(From Mammoth Mountain)

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