Mammoth Bike Report – June 2, 2022

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June 2, 2022 – 11:00 AM

Trails Open: 11

Daily Temps: Low 70s

Weather: Sun

Wind: PM Breeze


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3 Easiest

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6 Intermediate

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1 Advanced

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1 Expert

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0 Pro

What an Opener

Thanks to everyone who joined us for opening weekend. Recent trail maintenance out on Big Ring and Smooth Operator had us ripping and it was awesome to see so many friends lapping the park.

This week, trail crew is working on lower Pipeline and lower Bullet which will both be open on Saturday. Think of this knowledge as a nice bonus for subscribing to this Weekly Bike Report as those trails will not be listed as “open” on our website due to maintenance happening on just portions of the trail. Open in their entirety are Manzanita, Juniper and Paper Route allowing for some fun loops to be ridden over on the east side of the mountain. Check out our Facebook page for photos from Pipeline, it’s looking sweet!


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(From Mammoth Mountain)

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