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Bishop Bronco Wrestling Takes Eight Matches in Home Dual Meet

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Bishop Bronco Wrestling

By Head Coach Mark Hodges

On Wednesday, the Bishop Bronco Wrestling Team hosted the Kern Valley Broncs in a home dual meet. The Broncos were:


Paiten Williams, wrestling at 115 pounds

Zina Crockett, wrestling at 122 pounds


Kano Graves, wrestling at 159 pounds and is also the team captain.

Blake Braten, wrestling at 140 pounds

Mikey Trejo , wrestling at 167 pounds

Brody Berkovatz, wrestling at 192 pounds


Elbert Montoya, wrestling at 128 pounds

Granite Puhvel, wrestling at 146 pounds

Wayland Schultz, wrestling at 152 pounds

Jaidyn McKellips, wrestling at 177 pounds

Daxen Svacina, wrestling at 217 pounds

Byron Gustie, wrestling at 287 pounds

The Broncos won 8 of the 14 matches. Head Coach Mark Hodges said, “Overall, I pleased with how everyone wrestled. I would like to highlight Elbert Montoya, who wrestled and won both his regular match and his exhibition match where he had to go up a weight class. It is unfortunate that some of the best wrestlers on the team did not get an opportunity to wrestle”

Other wrestlers winning matches were Wayland Schultz, Jaidyn McKellips and Kano Graves.

The next action for the team will be a tournament in El Monte on Saturday.

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