Josue Corea Vasquez Found Guilty of 1st Degree Murder

The following is a press release from the County of Mono Office of the District Attorney on 10-20-2021.

mono county sheriffA Mono County jury found Josue Corea Vasquez guilty of all charges on Tuesday afternoon at the courthouse in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Mr. Corea Vasquez was convicted of 1st Degree murder while lying in wait for the killing of Omar Sanchez, which took place on October 9, 2016 in Mammoth Lakes. The jury deliberated for about two hours before reaching a verdict after a trial that took a little more than two weeks and featured testimony from nearly twenty witnesses.

On October 9, 2016, Omar Sanchez left his home on Azimuth just before 2:00 am to drive to work at Vons. Mr. Corea Vasquez, a fellow employee at Vons, had parked across the street from Mr. Sanchez’s home about 90 minutes earlier and waited for Mr. Sanchez to come outside for his work shift.

When Mr. Sanchez exited his home and started walking towards his car, Mr. Corea Vasquez approached the victim and fired 30 rounds from his AK-47, killing him almost instantly.

In the days following the murder, his brother, Eliud Corea Vasquez, buried the gun outside of Shady Rest Park. After it was

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Photo credit: Mono County Tourism

recovered, ballistics determined the cartridge casings found at the murder scene were fired from Mr. Corea Vasquez’s AK-47.

The trial attorney for the prosecution, Assistant District Attorney David Anderson, said after the verdict, “I am so happy Omar’s family finally has some justice. This has been a long process for Omar’s wife and children and I hope they can rest a bit easier knowing his killer has been convicted. I also thank the jury for their hard work and diligence throughout this case.”

Based on the statements of witnesses during trial, Mr. Corea Vasquez appeared to have had numerous personal issues with Mr. Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez was Mr. Corea Vasquez’s manager at Vons and allegedly threatened to fire Mr. Corea Vasquez along with some other family members if they did not complete their tasks at work. Mr. Corea Vasquez stated in a post-arrest interview that his hatred for Mr. Sanchez was the reason he killed him.

Mr. Corea Vasquez is scheduled to be sentenced for his crimes on January 18, 2022 at 1:30 pm in Bridgeport. He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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