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Jeff Griffiths for Inyo County 2nd District Supervisor

Amy Smith hosts a show on Eastern Sierra Now called “Just a Minute with Amy Smith,” providing insights into local matters that are important to the community. In this episode, Amy interviews Jeff Griffiths, who is seeking reelection as the District 2 Inyo County Supervisor.

Griffiths, a Bishop resident for over 20 years, emphasizes his commitment to community service, with a focus on addressing issues like housing emergencies, wildfire preparedness, and economic development. The interview format provides equal opportunities for all candidates to share their perspectives, with each facing the same set of questions.

You can find the episode here:

jeff griffiths inyo county

Jeff, a dedicated community member, shares his motivation for running, citing his love for the region and his extensive experience in regulatory and legislative matters, along with a history of community involvement.

Identifying housing shortage as the most pressing issue, Griffiths talks about strategies such as utilizing county-owned parcels, pressuring Los Angeles for land development, and implementing creative solutions like rezoning for residential space and low-interest loan programs to tackle the problem.

Griffiths’s motivation to run for supervisor stems from his involvement as a foster parent and his desire to improve the foster care system and services for at-risk youth. He highlights his experience and connections within the community as strengths that enable him to bring together various stakeholders to address community issues effectively.

In discussing community development, Griffiths acknowledges the challenges faced by Main Street due to changing retail environments but emphasizes the strength of the local economy in tourism and outdoor recreation. He proposes initiatives like the Small Business Development Center and infrastructure development for outdoor recreation to support sustained growth.

Regarding leadership style, Griffiths emphasizes collaboration and empowering capable individuals to carry out their tasks while he focuses on bringing diverse groups together to solve problems, regardless of who receives credit for the solutions.

Griffiths stresses the importance of community involvement in decision-making, highlighting his efforts to engage various segments of the population, including the Latin Hispanic population, the Bishop Paiute Tribe, and the low-income community.

He values the people of the community and enjoys activities like exploring the desert and mountains, emphasizing the sense of camaraderie and unity in the remote area.

In conclusion, Griffiths expresses gratitude for the community’s support and invites voters to learn more about him on his website. The podcast encourages voter engagement and emphasizes the importance of staying informed and participating in local politics.

We here at Eastern Sierra Now encourage our readers and viewers to engage with local politics, subscribe to our channel, download our ESN app for updates, and participate in upcoming elections.  Vote March 5th.  Every vote counts.

Paid for by Jeff Griffiths for Inyo County District 2 Supervisor.

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