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Inyo Residents Urged to Take Broadband Survey

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The California Department of Technology has released an online survey to help determine barriers to internet  access, affordability, and adoption, including in rural counties like Inyo.

Residents are urged to take the survey at California Department of Technology: California Department of  Technology: Broadband Digital Equity Survey: California State Digital Equity Plan: Public Survey (10-15 minutes)  ( It should take 10 minutes to complete and will help inform development of California’s State  Digital Equity Plan – an effort to identify ways to ensure all Californians have access to high-quality and  affordable internet service, devices, skills training, and digital support.

The survey includes questions about current experiences using the internet and should be completed by one  individual per household.

The survey is completely anonymous and available in 14 languages. No personally identifying information (e.g.,  name, email, address) is requested, but the survey does collect demographic information to help ensure all  neighborhoods and demographic groups are being represented.

This is the latest broadband effort to follow the adoption of SB 156, which allocated a $6 billion multi-year  investment to increase access to broadband statewide. Of that total, $3.25 billion was allocated toward the  development, acquisition, construction, maintenance, and operation of a statewide open-access middle-mile  broadband network. The remaining $2.75 billion is reserved for last-mile infrastructure grants, the  establishment of a loan-loss recovery account, and a technical assistance program overseen by the California  Public Utilities Commission. In broadband speak, the middle mile is the physical mid-section of the  infrastructure required to enable internet connectivity to homes and businesses, while the last mile is the final  leg of a network that provides service to the home, business, or community institution.

Broadband Survey QR Code

(From Inyo County Board of Supervisors)

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