Inyo Ranks 7th in the US for COVID-19 Case Rates

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Source: The New York Times

In the last two days, Inyo County has experienced an extreme spike in the COVID-19 transmission rate, placing us at the seventh highest case rate in the entire country.

As of Wednesday, October 20th, 2021, we have had a case spike in the last two days; 52 new cases since October 18th, accompanied by one more death and bringing our total death toll to 41. Currently, the active number of cases in Inyo County is at 193. 54 of those cases are in ages 0-17, 68 in ages 18-49, 42 in ages 50-64, and 29 in 65 or older.

147 of the active cases took place in Northern Inyo County, the area north of and including Big Pine; 44 took place in Southern Inyo County, the area south of and including Independence; and 2 took place in Eastern Inyo County, areas east of Lone Pine.

This puts us at an average of 23 cases per day, with a case rate of 128 per every 100,000 – the highest case rate in California, followed at a distance by Mariposa County at 81 cases per 100,000. Inyo County’s average hospitalizations are 25 per 100,000.

COVID-19 Symptoms: When to Get Tested

COVID-19 cases can be mild or extremely severe, and symptoms will usually develop 2-14 days after being exposed to the virus. If you have been exposed recently, or if you experience any of these symptoms, it is recommended to get tested.

  • fever or chills
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  • cough
  • shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
  • fatigue
  • muscle or body aches
  • headache
  • loss of taste or smell
  • sore throat
  • congestion or runny nose
  • nausea or vomiting
  • diarrhea

As cases rise, Northern Inyo Hospital has previously asked to only come to the emergency room or use emergency services if you are experiencing a medical emergency. Seek emergency care immediately if you are experiencing these symptoms:

  • trouble breathing
  • pain or pressure in the chest that doesn’t go away
  • confusion
  • inability to either wake or stay awake
  • pale gray or blue-colored skin, lips, or nail beds

Alleviating COVID-19 Symptoms at Home

Unfortunately, Inyo and Mono Counties have limited resources when it comes to caring for COVID-19 patients, and there is no cure for the coronavirus; this is why it’s so important we focus on prevention. However, if you find yourself sick at home with COVID-19, here are a few things you can do to help alleviate your symptoms.

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  • Fever:
    • take a fever reducer (acetaminophen is recommended)
    • stay hydrated
    • get lots of rest
  • Cough:
    • sip on drinks throughout the day
    • drink warm beverages
    • try a teaspoon of honey in hot tea or hot water
    • breathe in steam (like from a shower or humidifier)
    • gargle salt water
    • eat a frozen treat
    • suck on cough drops or lozenges
    • use cough medicine
  • Shortness of Breath:
    • take slow breaths
    • relaxation or meditation techniques
    • an inhaler, if previously prescribed

Again, if sickness reaches any of the emergency symptoms listed above, seek medical care immediately.

Inyo County Vaccine Information

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Photo credit: Mayo Clinic Health System

As for vaccinations, currently 65.1% of Inyo County residents over 12 have been fully vaccinated, while 8.5% only have one dose and the remaining 26.4% have not been vaccinated.

We have not been able to obtain any data, as of now, regarding case rates in the vaccinated versus unvaccinated population. It is possible that this information may not be able to be released due to patient confidentiality.

If you are interested in getting vaccinated in Inyo County, you do not have to be a resident. All vaccines are free. Inyo County currently has seven operating vaccine clinics. Appointments are required for all; check the list below for what vaccines will be offered at each clinic and where to make an appointment.

  • Public Health Clinic at the Tri-County Fairgrounds
    • Pfizer,1st/2nd/booster doses, 1st/2nd for 12+ and boosters for 18+, on Saturday, November 20th
    • To make an appointment, click here.
  • Southern Inyo Healthcare District
    • Pfizer, 1st/2nd/booster for 12+
    • Moderna, 1st/2nd doses with boosters only for immunocompromised
    • Call (760) 876-1146 for an appointment
  • Northern Inyo Healthcare District
    • Pfizer, 1st/2nd doses, for 12+
    • Open on Tuesdays from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
    • To make an appointment, click here.
  • Vons Pharmacy – Bishop
    • Pfizer, 1st/2nd doses, for 12+
    • Moderna, 1st/2nd doses, for 18+
    • To make an appointment, click here.
  • Valley Health Team – Bishop
    • Pfizer, 1st/2nd doses, for 12+
    • Moderna, 1st/2nd doses, for 18+
    • Call (760) 784-7020 for an appointment
  • Toiyabe Indian Health Project
    • Moderna for 18+
    • Call (760) 873-8461 for an appointment
  • Dwayne’s Friendly Pharmacy
    • Moderna for 18+
    • To make an appointment, click here.
  • RiteAid Pharmacy – Bishop
    • Moderna for 18+
    • To make an appointment, click here.

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