Death Valley National Park Reopening Update

death valley national park

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Reopening- October 15th

death valley national park

We are pleased to inform you that the East and West access roads to Death Valley National Park will be open on October 15th. These roads include CA HWY 190 through Lone Pine and Death Valley Junction.

Please Note: The West Entrance from CA HWY 136 to CA HWY 190 (just south of Lone Pine, CA) access from Olancha is unavailable.

For those planning to visit or travel through Death Valley National Park and CA-190 after the reopening please keep in mind the extent of the damage has been considerable: many areas within the park have experienced substantial erosion, leading to undercut pavements and pronounced road drop-offs. It’s essential to approach all routes with caution and heightened awareness.

Read the latest NPS updates on the NPS website.

Ash Meadows NWR is Open!

death valley national park

For those eager to immerse themselves in nature before the October 15th reopening of Death Valley NP, Ash Meadows NWR offers a wonderful alternative. The tranquility of Ash Meadows provides an ideal backdrop for nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, and those seeking a respite from the everyday hustle. Not only does it complement the beauty of Death Valley NP, but it stands as a testament to nature’s resilience and wonder. Whether you’re planning a detour or looking for a serene getaway, Ash Meadows NWR promises an enriching experience.


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Death Valley National Park and Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

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