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Inyo County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

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Have you ever thought of what might happen if a wildfire threatened your home and  community? What are the lessons you’ve learned through the many wildfires Inyo County, and  likely your community, has experienced? Please share your concerns and ideas as we come  together to plan for safer communities.

Inyo County has contracted SWCA Environmental Consultants to develop the 2024 Community  Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), which is an update to the 2009 CWPP. A CWPP is a plan  designed to identify and mitigate wildfire hazards to communities and infrastructure located in  the wildland-urban interface (WUI; an area located between wildland and human development).  The CWPP makes recommendations for hazardous fuels reduction, public outreach and  education, structural ignitability reduction, and fire response capacity.

The development of the Inyo County CWPP is founded in facilitated collaboration among local,  tribal, state, and federal officials, as well as non-governmental stakeholders. The 2024 CWPP  reviews, verifies, and/or identifies potential new priority areas where mitigation measures are  needed to protect irreplaceable life, property, and critical infrastructure from wildfire throughout  Inyo County.

A CWPP is designed to give our community members, organizations, and partners a roadmap  to prevent a future catastrophic wildfire. This is done by assessing areas at risk and  recommending measures to decrease those risks. This CWPP effort depends on meaningful collaboration and engagement with the public. Please join us on Thursday August 10 from  6pm to 8pm at Bishop Fire Station #1 located at 209 W Line St. (please park in the parking  lot to the north of the fire station) to learn more about how the CWPP can improve your  community’s resilience and to share your wildfire-related concerns and priorities. The Planning  Team will also be hosting other in-person public events soon. Stay tuned for more details!

Moreover, the Planning Team is working together to develop the CWPP to ensure the plan is  tailored to the communities it is designed to serve. The goal is that all recommended projects are designed to greatly reduce wildfire risk to residents and ensure that communities can live  safely in this fire-prone environment. All are invited to take our short community survey (see the  QR code above or visit https://forms.office.com/r/Xfsk582uZT so you can tell the Planning Team  directly what your concerns are within the community.

For more information, please contact Inyo County’s Wildfire Preparedness Coordinator, Kristen  Pfeiler, at [email protected], Project Manager Montiel Ayala, at [email protected] or Lia Webb, at [email protected]. In addition, please visit  https://ready.inyocounty.us/ for updates and information regarding emergency preparedness,  response, and recovery.

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