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Inyo County Welcomes 2024 Community Grant Applications

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County Welcomes 2024 Community Grant Applications 

Beginning Monday, October 9, the Inyo County Community Project Sponsorship Program will be accepting  grant applications for the 2024 Yearly Competitive Grants. The grants will be available for events and projects  sponsored by local non-profit groups that will be taking place in Inyo County during 2024. Up to $40,000 is  available in the 2024 Competitive Grant cycle. The deadline for submitting applications, either on paper or  digitally, is December 4, 2023.

The Competitive Grants can be used to fund a variety of projects, programs, or events. In general, the CPSP  program is focused on helping local organizations promote activities and programs that bring visitors to the  area, and also supports events and programs that enhance the cultural and recreational quality of life of the  county’s residents. For example, last year CPSP grants were used to help sponsor Playhouse 395, “Movies at  the Museum,” Inyo County Search and Rescue’s Range of Light Trail Races, an outdoor youth program, the  First Friday Markets, Owens Lake Bird Festival, and other events from Tecopa to Bishop.

The Program Guidelines, Grant Application, Grant Review Criteria, Tax Status Certification Forms, and Final  Report Template are also available to review or download at: 

To be considered, the completed and signed Grant Application (submitted on paper or digitally), must be  received by the Office of the County Administrator by 5 p.m. on Monday, December 4, 2023. No postmarks will  be accepted.

Grant applications being mailed should be sent to: Office of the County Administrator, Attn: Community Project  Sponsorship Program, P.O. Drawer N, Independence, CA 93526. If hand delivering, deliver to: Office of the  County Administrator, 224 N. Edwards Street, Independence, CA, (760) 878-0292. Digital grant applications,  which still need original signatures, may be sent to [email protected].

Grant applications will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility and then forwarded to an independent Review Panel for evaluation, ranking, and suggested funding levels. The County Administrative Officer is  expected to consider the Review Panel’s funding recommendations and make a final decision on the specific  grant awards by early January 2024. The maximum amount that can be requested per application is $10,000.

Organizations or groups with questions about the grant guidelines, the application process, or the program in general can call (760) 878-0292 for more information.

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