Eastern Sierra Pride: More opportunities to connect with our amazing community!

Connecting with Community

Connecting with our amazing community in the Eastern Sierra is such a joy. Thanks to all of you that come out and welcome people attending our events for the first time with such warmth, and open arms and hearts. You are all the best! Here are a couple more ways to connect with our Eastern Sierra LGBTQIA2SP+ friends and family this month. We hope to see you soon!

Community Meetup

Mammoth Lakes Meetup
Monday, February 13th
5:00 – 8:00pm

Meet-and-Greet with light food, drinks, music, games, and more! In order to host a free, discreet gathering for all ages this event is at a private home near Eagle Lodge.

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Jennifer Morrow
Jennifer Morrow
1 month ago

Do you have any of your shirts or stickers in any local shops? We’re here to support if you need a place, or another place!

Jesse Steele
Jesse Steele
Reply to  Jennifer Morrow
15 days ago

I’ll bring some over!